Economic factors responsible for new imperialism in africa

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The Colonization of Africa

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What Were the Causes of European Imperialism in Africa?

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Economy of Africa

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The Colonization of Africa

Conditions that helped growth of Imperialism; Conquest of Asia, Africa, Americas and the Pacific. New imperialism resulted because of the economic system that had developed as a result of Industrial Revolution.

Meaning, Factors responsible. The European imperialist push into Africa was motivated by three main factors, economic, political, and social.

It developed in the nineteenth century following the collapse of the profitability of the slave trade, its abolition and suppression, as well as the expansion of the European capitalist Industrial Revolution.

Known as New Imperialism, this desire for expansion was motivated by many things, not the least of which were the promise of economic growth, the sting of national rivalries, and a sense of moral. Imperialism is the domination over an undeveloped country socially, politically, and economically.

Imperialism affected many countries. For example, China, India, Africa, and South America were all affected by imperialism/5(7).

[World History] Imperialism and Colonialism: Meaning, Factors responsible

European colonial activity in Africa was motivated by a variety of factors. Rivalry between Nations European imperialism in Africa was partly due to rivalries between the different European countries involved, with Britain, Germany and France the dominant powers.

Economic factors responsible for new imperialism in africa
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